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Monday, October 22, 2012


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I am taking this literally. I feel differently than many on this subject. As I prepared by first book for publication on Kindle, I took their advice very seriously. They tell you your cover must tell the reader something about the contents and must be eye catching. It will be one among millions and your cover will make your book stand out or not.

Okay. I was on a mission to find the perfect picture for The Island Princess. I wanted a beach wedding or at least a couple cuddling on a beach that could be in Hawaii.  After hours and hours of searching, I found a picture I could use, free! And it was very close to what I thought I needed. Not too busy...the top of the photo was kind of blurred or whited out...not sure why, but it worked for me.  I was drawn to it and used it.

I don't think it makes a diddly difference.  The two subsequent books have sold better and have done just fine with their plain solid color with black lettering covers. Also, I am much more drawn to those covers. The title is clear, the author is clear and I like them. So my future books and the rewrite of the Island Princess will be plain colors with black lettering.

Accurately judging a book by its cover is impossible. And in the electronic world makes no difference, in my opinion. No one ever sees all the book covers side by side and standing on a display. They are titles in a list.
The cover is inconsequential to me.  The judging comes from the summary. That is fair. I need to do better with that because I know that telling the story in a few sentences without revealing too much is an art and I have not perfected that.

As with many things, I am a work in progress in the book writing, designing and selling world, but I don't worry about people judging my e-books by their covers.


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  1. But how do you get to the content? You need to read it right? So the only way to select a book remains either the cover, the name or the short summary :)

    1. I think the summary is the key. You read a bit and want more or you don't want anymore. Titles are key, too. But the cover? Just speaking for myself, not so much.

  2. Hi Jo!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment :)
    Coming to your post, I do think that the summary or the blurb at the back cover are important for its not possible for a reader to know what is inside before buying and reading it and the summary is the only short cut to knowing what is inside. Writing a short insightful yet tempting summary is truly an art. Nice post :)
    p.S.- I'm your newest follower :)

    1. Welcome aboard! Happy to meet you and exchange ideas. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  3. I designed a book cover for a friend of mine. She tweaked it, but has given me credit for it. Then I realized it was going out in e-format and wondered why I spent so much time on it?? Mostly because she wanted it and she's awesome--but not sure beyond her who will ever really see it!!

    1. Yeah, I know what you're saying. Oh well, it's a new world and might require new rules.

      Thanks for making time for my musings. I appreciate it.

    2. I'm behind on reading and writing--but I will get caught up. Like now-- going back through and making sure I didn't miss anyone :D

  4. I am usually much more interested in what lies within the pages than what is on the cover and read the summary before choosing a book. Also I am old fashioned. I have yet to jump onto the electronic book bandwagon and still prefer a book I can hold and turn pages that requires a book mark.


    1. I was just like you until I got the Kindle as a gift. A gift I didn't want. I love it so much now for one reason above all others. I am never without a book to read. I just click, shop and in less than 1 minute, I am reading my new book. It's awesome!

      I am now used to the feel and the print and I really love my Kindle. I recommend it to absolutely everyone who enjoys reading. I pay a fraction of the price of 'real' books and I don't have to store them when I'm finished. I am not a library user because I don't really enjoy the whole process of looking and finding and then returning.

      Thanks for taking time to comment.


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